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Google Web Master Tools New Interface

Posted By Sujith Kosaraju on May 26th, 2009

Google WebMaster Tools has been completely re-designed by Google based on the user feedback from different conferences and forums.

Highlights of New Webmaster Tools Interface

  • One-stop Dashboard: Google redesigned the Webmaster’s dashboard to bring together data that is viewed regularly by the webmasters like : Links to your site, Top search queries, Sitemaps, Keywords, Crawl Rate and Crawl errors.
  • More top search queries: Webmasters can also see the top 100 queries to track for impressions and clickthroughs.
  • Sitemap tracking for multiple users: Google now allows you to monitor and  track the status of Sitemaps submitted by other users in addition to yourself. You can also view the Robots.txt file
  • Message subscription:  Other important feature which is very much required is the alerts by email has been added onto the webmaster tools. Most of the times I forgot to login now I can Stay up-to-date without having to log in as frequently.
  • Forced Authentication : Previously webmasters have limited access to the data for any site. Google has now made mandatory that all sites must be verified before you can access any features in Webmaster Tools. Earlier features such as Sitemaps, Test Robots.txt and Generate Robots.txt were available for unverified sites.

Go ahead, get started

Webmaster Tools new user interface is available at Google says that the old user interface will continue to be available for a couple of weeks to give everyone the time to adjust and provide feedback to improve the new Google Webmaster Tools Interface.