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5 SEO factors for 2010

Posted By Sujith Kosaraju on January 1st, 2010

Online market is growing rapidly and it will continue to grow in 2010 also. Digital Marketers have to spend more online on Advertisements if they have not not put the efforts in drawing traffic from Google Search. As we all know, there is a huge contribution of search engines mainly of Google in online marketing. Websites which rank well in  Google search will undoubtedly get huge volume of visit

ors to the websites than the other sources. Only way to top the search engines is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is a changing game and SEO experts have to be on top of their SEO strategy in order to rule the search rankings. Google has already began to show some variation in ranking with their new features that they have taken live in recent months and there will be more notable variations in Google search results in 2010 that could be:

* Geo location of search queries:

With huge content being added daily to the web, Relevancy of content is a big challenge for Search Engines.


Google search engine algorithms will pay more attention to geo location of any search query. This means search results in will vary in India and USA. The variation of results will vary upon competition of querying keyword in both the countries, which means higher the competition more the variation.

* Importance to Social Media and Social Networking:

Social media and social networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter will also have noticeable impact on search engine results in 2010.


In fact Google has already started including live Twitter & FaceBook results in the search queries. So it’s time to put social media optimization as one of the activity in any SEO Strategy.

* Back-links from Low PR and Link Farms:

Not relevant any more. Gone are those days where link exchanges, directory submissions and reciprocal links are part of the seo strategy.


Google is very smart and getting more and more hard with spammers who are using link exchanges to manipulate search rankings. Continuous back-links from low PR and irrelevant websites may really hurt your rankings.

* Page Load Time:

Does your page load slowly, now its time to rework on improving the load times of your website. Why because Google’s algorithm now gives importance to Page Load times of the website. This is to improve the quality of the search results by including websites that load lot faster and update more frequently compared to other website which do not.


Google Page Speed tool are available for the users to try where and how they can improve the website speed.

* Some other small but important factors:

Bounce rate, Domain age, Updation frequency, Repeat Visitors would remain some other factor which may gain some importance in search engine results of Google. Google has already announced that page load time would be a factor in search engine result pages, to give user improved and fast loading websites in search results.

So it’s time to change your online marketing strategies with some more stirring market trends and techniques that could help improve/maintain your position in Google.

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