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New Features on Bing worth a try

Posted By Sujith Kosaraju on June 1st, 2009 the all new search engine from Microsoft went live quietly today with out much hype. Already reviews from majority of the Tech sites have rated the search engine much user friendlier and as the Google killer. Lot of positive responses can be seen around on blogs and discussion about Microsoft Bing.

Few new features of Bing to try:

  • An ambiguous Web search: “turkey” (do you want images, recipes, facts, or a map of the country? The topic guides in the left explore pane will help you narrow your search).
  • All travel related searches: Bing Travel. Don’t have to visit a travel website, check the query for “chennai to hyderabad”.
  • Video search: “Tendulkar”  (Cool part is the video plays there itself, just hover over the thumbnail to play the video)
  • Image search: “Tiger” (infinite scroll displays all the images) with options to choose like Size, Layout, Colour,Style and People.
  • A health search: “Sore throat”
  • Shopping: “Digital SLR” (sort by price or brand, get average ratings and CashBack).
  • Maps: “BBQ” (automatically knows what city you are in and offers up geo-appropriate results).
  • News Search: “Bing” (what else?)

Check the all new Bing for yourself now at

Microsoft Bing goes Live

Posted By Sujith Kosaraju on June 1st, 2009


All new Micros0ft Bing Search Engine goes live. Check the first cut reviews of Bing Search here.

Bing the all new Search Engine from Microsoft

Posted By Sujith Kosaraju on May 29th, 2009

Microsoft on Thursday unveiled their all new Search Engine Bing formerly code-named Kumo. Experts and reviewers around the world have already rated this product on par or even better than Google Search. Microsoft has done a great job in building this product with lot of improvements over their current product Live Search.


First cut Reviews of Microsoft Bing from all over the world

Wired Magazine says – With Bing, Microsoft has shown that it understands that different kinds of searches require different kinds of answers and interfaces. They’ve shown too they understand that a search is often only the beginning of a decision such as what Indian restaurant to try or what kind type and model of water filter is best. Read more about Bling at Wired Magazine.

Cnet Concludes – Google keeps improving in the area of in-search collation and display as well, but Bing makes Google look complacent, and that’s not good for Google. For the moment, Bing’s on top in this game. Try this search engine. I do not think you will regret it.

Bing willl go live worldwide by June 3rd 2009 and every search professional till then would be waiting to use this product.

More information and videos about service is available here.

Yahoo India signs co-branded homepage deal with Tata Teleservices

Posted By Sujith Kosaraju on May 28th, 2009

Yahoo India and telecom operator Tata Teleservices have stuck a deal, by virtue of which a co-branded homepage will be served as default for all Tata Teleservices Internet Access customers of Photo Plus, Photon Pro & Photon Plu2surf. The Internet subscriber base of Tata Teleservices is not known and according to TRAI’s data released on Dec 2008 shows the company does not feature on the Top 10 Broadband companies list.

A portal tying up with a service provider is not a new deal and previously AOL India has inked a deal with MTNL to make it the default homepage for MTNL ADSL subscribers.

Both the companies will benefit from each other networks and subscribers. Yahoo will monetise and share the revenue with Tata Teleservices through the co-branded default home page via advertisments. The co-branded home page will have content from Yahoo India and also information to subsribers from Tata Teleservices. Bill Payments, Tariff Plans, Promotions and Customer Support information would also be included on the page.