About Sujith Kosaraju

I am Sujith Kosaraju – an “Internet Enthusiast” as I”d love to be called. Iam passionate about the budding web industry and the way it helps me learn new things from time to time. I work as a Program Manager for one of the leading E-commerce portals.

Apart from my full time job, I also run blogs that aid me in experimenting new things that I learn from the Internet every day (its fun, is it not?). As they say for an innovator you need a lab, my lab is my home where I relax and do things that are of interest to me on web.

This blog is primarily a platform for me to cover the subject area I deal with on a daily basis in my career. Mostly you will find blog posts on topics that are of interest to me or passionate about (Internet Marketing) with occasional posts covering my personal adventures.

Thanks for your visit, If you would like to strike a conversation, You can find me on Facebook (I only approve friend requests from people I actually know), LinkedIn.