12 Excellent Feedback Tools for your Website

Posted By Sujith Kosaraju on November 22nd, 2009

Feedback from users is important for any business which is sensitive to users needs. This is even more critical for a online businesses who doesn’t have the direct interaction with the customers. Website owners want to listen to their customers, but this is easier said than done. Customers don’t always have the time to say exactly what they think, and when they do, they are not sure where they should.

It becomes critical for any business owner to provide proper feedback mechanisms to the customers. Most of the websites have standard feedback mechanisms available through a Feedback/Contact us forms, which is more generic and do not address the need. Also to build a new form and getting that integrated into a bigger sites will be nightmare on regular intervals with out development support.

There are lot of easy to use customisable Feedback tools for a website, the list goes on goes but i have listed down the Top 12 Website Feedback Tools which can be used with ease by any website owner who is keen about customers feedback.

Kampyle Website Feedback Analytics Tool –  Kampyle is an easy to use website feedback analytics tool that gives lot of flexibility to the website administrators to run website feedback forms. In Kampyle Words “A powerful on-demand solution to collect, analyze and manage your website visitors’ feedback. Discover how Kampyle lets you leverage valuable customer feedback to: ” Increase conversion rates, Reduce customer attrition, Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty”.

Good thing about the tool it is fairly easy to integrate on any website and start collecting feedback. Different pricing options are available ranging from $99 to $999. Free version of the tool is also available with limitation being 1 feedback form and 50 feedback items. For a small site this is one of the best free website feedback tool available on the market.

Get Satisfaction – Website Feedback Tool

Get Satisfaction is one of the most popular and easy to integrate feedback gathering tools available on the web.  Setting up the account is a breeze and also it allows you to place a floating feedback tab on your website to easily get feedback from your visitors when clicked. Free and premium packages are available only downside to the tool is feedback analytics.

Uservoice – Feedback Tool

Uservoice is another nice feedback tool, similar to Get Satisfaction (above), which allows you to place a tab on your website to gather feedback from your visitors.  Uservoice has both free and paid plans.  The free plan enables you to have 100 voters monthly and one forum for discussion.

Skribit – Feedback Tool

Skribit is basically a idea sourcing tool which can be placed as a widget on your website that allows users to suggests ideas for the website. You can then gather feedback from the community about your website, get people to suggest post ideas and more. Like the above tools it is also very easy to integrate and free to use.

CrowdSound – Feedback Tool

CrowdSound is also a idea sourcing tool similar to Skribit (reviwed above).  It provides a widget which can be embedded into your website to gather feedback effectively.  Visitors can suggests ideas through the widget, others can vote and do more with the feedback.  CrowdSound is available in both  free and paid versions.

Feedback Jar – Feedback Tool

Feedback Jar is another feedback tool allowing you to put a feedback tab on your website to get feedback from local businesses like restaurants, cafes, bakeries.  Clicking on the tab opens a little popup which gives you a form through which you can send your ideas/feedback to the website owner.  Feedback Jar is free.

Fivesecondtest – Feedback Tool

Fivesecondtest is a free feedback tool and an innovative online feedback gathering tool.  It allows you to set 2 types of test to users.  The first type of test is the classic test in which users are asked to list out the things they remember after viewing an image.  The second test, the click test, where users are asked to click onto areas of an image which are more captivating.  Tests are super quick to create – just upload an image and use the wizard to generate your test and the website will let users take the test.

Usabilla – Feedback Tool

Usabilla is a similar tool to fivesecondtest (reviewed above) and allows designers to put forward their work for visual feedback.  Usabilla is free for use.

IdeaScale – Feedback Tool

IdeaScale allows you to create a page from which your users can contribute ideas to your current project, discuss about it, vote the product and watch its progress.  IdeaScale has both paid and free plans.  The free plan allows unlimited users/ideas/comments but only one moderator.  You also get blog/Twitter/RSS integration of IdeaScale, along with HTML/Logo customization, coupled with a wiki-style editing of posted ideas.

Feedback Army – Feedback Tool

Feedback Army is a paid feedback solution.  You just submit your work for review and feedback, you make the payment of $10 and you get results –  plain simple.  The feedback is represented in a neat way, where your questions are at the top of the page and the feedback are listed below it, at the page bottom.

Launchly – Feedback Tool

If you are launching a new web application startup, make sure you check out Launchly, the free feedback tool!  It allows you to get free feedback on your website and helping you improve your product along the way.

Concept Feedback – Feedback Tool

Concept Feedback is another free feedback tool which allows you to post concepts on their website and easily receive feedback from users there.

Suggestionbox – Feedback Tool

Suggestionbox is a paid service (with 30 day free trial) which allows you to setup, as its name suggests, a Suggestionbox for your users to drop suggestions.  With this tool, you can easily collect feedback from users and use them appropriately for improving your website.

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